1. KillerCel

    [Blackpill] To all journalists and regular people who refuse to believe the points we make have merit, watch this video please and listen to the academics.

    If you are mature enough to be challenged in your bias against us and the points we make ( The so called Blackpills ) watch this video. This 20 minute video is a compilation of qualified academics speaking very soberly and comparatively objective about our plights: I know that this video is...
  2. littlemanhikicel

    Suicide Statistics USA (2017)

    While this data is the most accurate we have, we estimate the numbers to be higher. Stigma surrounding suicide leads to underreporting, and data collection methods critical to suicide prevention need to be improved. *14 per 100k individuals *2017 men suicide 3.54x more than women *White males...
  3. Ugly_equals_Death

    [LDAR] LDAR is the natural reaction to Inceldom

    If you think working your ass of will give you anything without a loving wife family and kids youre coping hard. The worst part is imagine working your ass off and seing people getting promoted because of looks or coworkers "fall in love" :feelsseriously:. LDAR is the answer. I mean if you high...
  4. littlemanhikicel

    Study: Men are smarter than women

    Study: Men are smarter than women The research, published in the British Journal of Psychology, establishes that female representatives are smarter until they are 16 years old; between that age and 21 the level is matched and afterwards, they surpass them. August 25, 2005 | 17:40 | ANSA...
  5. Villain

    [JFL] Study finds good looking men are more selfish.... A new study has found that the more attractive a man’s body is, the more likely he is to have attitudes that promote selfishness and inequality. The team...
  6. Limerencel

    [Blackpill] Scientific study reveals that FAT women have MORE sex

    Most important quotes from the study: Oregon and Hawaiian researchers have found that a woman's weight does not seem to affect sexual behavior. In fact, overweight women are more likely to report having sex with men than women considered to be of "normal weight." Obese and overweight women have...
  7. VisVoi

    [Blackpill] Height Blackpill #381

    This chart may inspire hope to fellow manlets, however there is one key fact you are forgetting. When women talk about "men", they are subconsciously only thinking about the top 20% of men. Although 69.1% of women who participated in the study said they would date a man who was 5'8, they...
  8. Cerebral hypoxia

    [Experiment] What's the true sub-x for having a decent life as a male in 2k18?

    Includes deductions for being manlet ethnic etc. obviously
  9. Cerebral hypoxia

    [Blackpill] It's been over ever since agriculture was developed

    8000 years ago there was a marked change in genetic lineages. 17 women began to reproduce per one man. Before that, the rate of reproduction was nearly 1:1 Source: The reason for this is because agriculture allowed for accumulation of...
  10. lonelyistheworld

    [Blackpill] Study shows that "social isolation may shorten lives."