1. ChadTears555

    [SuicideFuel] There's a 99.9% chance this will happen if you somehow get a gf

    Even if years of waiting, socialmaxxing, aprachmaxxing, looksmaxxing, gymcelling, and even surgerymaxxing, Your "gf" will inevitably cheat on you for a chad / chadlite. JFL @ deludedcels who think they can evrER get a real gf. [It's Over]
  2. ChadTears555

    [RageFuel] It gets better

    It gets better! just call the suicide hotline so they can take all your money and lock you away broooooo Suicide is selfish bro! you gotta keep suffering and living in agony broooo Im so sick of normies saying this shit. It makes me even more suicidal. Inb4 "See you tommorow xD"
  3. FACEandLMS

    [RageFuel] This is one of the phrases that made me know it was time to leave Lookism

    One of the phrases that helped me leave Lookism was: "Being 6-7/10 is worse than being 3/10 because if I were a 3/10, I would know it's over and be okay with it, but being a 6-7/10, I am so close but so far" This is like saying: "Being nearsighted is worse than being an acidfaced tetraplegic...
  4. FACEandLMS

    [JFL] My Looksmatched looked at me and averted her gaze so INSTINCTIVELY that I burst into laughter.

    This woman was my direct looksmatch in terms of race and especially in attractiveness - of which she had none, just like me. I got on the train, she was sat down. I looked at her for maybe a split-second. She looked at me and then immediately turned her head away with a sort of "horror" or...