1. gymletethnicel

    [Experiment] Who is the most subhuman here?

    I'll begin. I am 5'7", shortest male in the entire family. I have Crohn's disease. I have arthritis and can't even walk without medicine. One of my adrenal glands isn't working. Balding since 18. Extremely ugly unibrow. Finished HS 2 year later than average. Low IQ. Big Jew nose because I...
  2. happiless

    [Venting] A receeded chin is the most ugly subhuman facial feature possible

    My skin is almost clear from acne now, so with an improved confidence I decided to buy some new clothes. I was feeling fine until I tried on a shirt and a side mirror revealed my disgusting side profile. I realized that this feature alone caused my teenage and young adult life of inceldom and...
  3. T

    Lol, normans on /r/amiugly are like pack children...

    Saying "hurr durr, ur an incel", "ur personality makes u ugly" or "that's a sad view of life" ARE NOT VALID RESPONSES to the point I am making normans...
  4. iblamemyself

    [Serious] [GTFIH] I found an extreme truecel boy on youtube. New star on the sky of involuntary celibacy

    Srsly. You need to see this kid. He probably reversemogs the majority of this board, I had a hard time just looking at him and I can stomach a lot of things. He is almost at stblackops2cel's level (peace be upon him). (Btw, the vid is about English finals in Germany which were way too...
  5. Cleftcel

    [Serious] A day in the life of an incel

    What do you all do today or whenever you see this? I'm Curious. I went to the gym at like 12 pm, picked up my welfare at 5 30 and just got some food shopping at 9 and listened to talk radio and music inbetween
  6. C

    Balding is so depressing

    It's such a huge hit on looks. Not like I'm attractive tp begin with, but it further drives in the nail that my genetics are complete fucking shit and I'm a subhuman who should just die already. It's embarrassing having hair like I do at my age. Thick NW1s wherever I go, guys that are...