1. Cleftcel

    Users who failed at suicide

    What did you learn if anything?
  2. BlackPilledKira

    [Serious] At what age do you think you'll rope?

    Lets not kid ourselves here, after 21 your hope of ever integrating into society as a normal functional human being are pretty much over. I'll be a 22 year old kissless virgin in a few weeks and have started seriously seeing suicide in the upcoming future, there's simply no way to cope happily...
  3. Cleftcel

    [Venting] Euthanasia

    In the countries where its legal you must have a terminal illness. How the fuck can we get this service extended to anyone who desires it???????? (saw a very true thread recently about how damn hard it is to sui) What the fuck do y'all know about cyanide? Suicide is in essence the murdering...
  4. DustyJarCoffee

    [Story] [Blackpill] [Suicidefuel] [LDARfuel] Chads LITERALLY PRACTICE being low-inhib with each other while they ENFORCE you being high-inhib

    EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY I go to high school the chads and stacies would always hang out and talk about sports and other chad shit while practically surrounding my locker, it was so brutal, they would always make insanely low-inhib comments about me that I could only respond to with a virgin...
  5. VST

    [SuicideFuel] I don't even know why I still go on Facebook.

    Facebook is literally pure sui fuel. I see guys that I mog on there dating solid 7/10+ girls in their prime that I would literally kill for. It's not fucking fair, I hate this shit.