1. iblamemyself

    [It's Over] for tallcels...

    ...while shortcels remain invisible :feelsrope:
  2. non_factor

    [Serious] Any freakishly tall incels here?

    I'm 6'8 personally and it insults me to the bone when people spew jUsT bE taLL dUdE,if you gave me an opportunity to be reborn as a 5'5 average faced man I would take it in an instant,wouldn't even think about it. Nothing worse than being ugly AND have a freakish body on top of that,your every...
  3. 42cel_Alt#01

    [JFL] Got brutally mogged by a 5'6 manlet today

    So here's my daily mogging thread, because I have nothing else interesting to report about my day. You know you're incel when a manlet mogs the living shit out of you. He stood right next to me and he had a 7.5/10 face. I saw how more females started to look in my general direction as soon as...