1. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [It's Over] The perfect way to kill yourself + some snacks

    I read the news today and just discover an entire low IQ family were dead for trying to have some heat while sleeping. They were doing some barbecue and after they finished they let the coal burning to heat the bedroom. But they were too low IQ to understand that fire burn oxygen, they died...
  2. UnfortunatelyINCEL98

    DONT LAY DOWN AND ROT...Give NORMIES a reason to suffer

    Normies and Normies ONLY IF BEING TRUECEL BECOMES TOO MUCH.... You will be the first ones to know.....I Believe Violence is the only WAY to get NORMIES TO BELIEVE That Incel/TRUECEL IS a big problem.. If i were to snap Etched in my Firearm shall be UnfortunatelyIncel98 And i shall only go for...