1. DahmerBoy

    [Serious] Have you ever been to a psychologist? What was your experience like?

    Military service is mandatory for every man in my country, so I had to go through psychological evaluation and talk to a psychologist. The psychologist was female - as they almost always are - and the way she treated me and my problems was unacceptable. I didn't want to go to the military, so I...
  2. Incellectual

    [Venting] Even my new therapist admits its over for me

    I went to a new therapist today because of how stressed out I've been because of work and college and because of my inceldom. I told him about my problems and I asked him if he thought I could get better. I thought he was going to give some blue pilled response but he just admited that he didn't...
  3. chudur-budur

    [JFL] A roastie curry-hag-whore took a sex-therapist job so that she can sodomize old whitecels.

    This roastie curry-hag-whore is trying to sodomize an old whitecel by moaning at him, this is what she does as a full time job. This whole psychology crap is a freaking pseudoscience bs, I simply don't understand why do universities still endorse this kind of snakeoil. Screencap (the...
  4. VST

    [JFL] JFL @ Paying for Therapy

    Lmao, you're literally paying for emotional support, hahaha. Don't you faggots know normies get that shit for free in the form of a gf? Paying for emotional support is literally the same as paying for sex, both are pathetic as fuck.