1. manlet cUnt

    [Blackpill] vanta blackpill experiment part 2: brutal chad tinder experiment

    for part 1 but remember guys its our personality meet kristofer: imagine your absolute whore of a mother fucking bringing an ex con, sexist chad who murders animals around your children but its ok because chad is a changed man you see teehee. this shit is beyond a joke at this point. the...
  2. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Experiment] In a serious situtation, If you matched in tinder and she started the conversation what would you say?

    what would be your plan to make her get interest in you?
  3. Ascent God

    [SuicideFuel] Pic + follow-up of the foid that duped hundreds of men to meet with her

    Original video with report: I'd say she's a 5/10 in the twitter post... Here's a follow-up article. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/natasha-aponte-woman-who-tricked-thousands-of-men-on-tinder-explains-purpose-behind-dating-competition/ *Partnered up with a producer *Short film to educate men...
  4. I

    [Experiment] 86 year old granny on Tinder (BRUTAL BLACKPILL SUIFUEL)

    After showing the Pig Woman experiment yesterday, someone suggested if I could try doing the same with a 70 year old woman. Elevated her age to 86, put a single picture in her profile and asked for sex with young, virile men. This is what happened.
  5. EthnicelNL

    [Blackpill] Femoids on Tinder are looking for human dildos, not a male companion.

    Tinder experiments are fucking useless if you truly understand the 2018 femoid whorish mindset. Anyone here trying to find a gf or even lifepartner on Tinder is deluding themselves into oblivion. If you arent goodlooking and arent capable of replacing her 9 inch megadildo...dont go on fucking...
  6. F

    Why would we fake Tinder experiments?

    Whenever a Tinder experiment is posted that proves the existance of hypergamy, IT always go "Oh he probably used another account and took the pictures from there." Why would we fake the results? It'd be better for us if we actually proved that personality was more important than looks, because...