1. Tension

    Most of the Sandy Hook survivors would probably be Chads and Staceys now.

    Six years ago... It's insane how fast time flies. Most of those who died were 6-7 years old, meaning if they were still alive now they would be around 12-13 years old and already lifemogging Adam Lanza to oblivion. By the way in case anyone is interested but doesn't know yet, there's some new...
  2. A

    Is truely over for me at this point!

    For me a 22years old kissless handholding less virgin. What’s the fucking point to just live on,I truely fucking don’t know!wish some one just kill me!
  3. iblamemyself

    [Serious] [GTFIH] I found an extreme truecel boy on youtube. New star on the sky of involuntary celibacy

    Srsly. You need to see this kid. He probably reversemogs the majority of this board, I had a hard time just looking at him and I can stomach a lot of things. He is almost at stblackops2cel's level (peace be upon him). (Btw, the vid is about English finals in Germany which were way too...
  4. I

    Mentalcel or truecel?

    How do you know if your a true incels? I'm a virgin at 20 years old. I have had windows opportuniity to get in a relationship with a few women during the course of my life. But i didn't find them attractive enough, and these girls are outsiders like my self. I have been going out with my friends...