1. Brak123

    [SuicideFuel] after watching this video you will rope

    Can you explain how there are million cucks and rostie femoids who watch theese stupid videos? anyway in this videos you can see the facial structure of males who attract girls.
  2. WithoutMe

    [RageFuel] Stop posting just videos.

    I ain't watching that shit :feelswhat: If you need to post a video at least include a tldw.
  3. Intent

    [LifeFuel] If You're Ever In Doubt of The Blackpill

    Here's a great link to satisfy your need, it'll completely solidify you into an Incel AND you'll impress the 99 names of the one and only god ER (peace be upon him)
  4. VST

    Anyone else suddenly calm down when listening to blackpill rant vids?

    I'm talking about vids like eggmans legendary video () It's that you finally realise how over it really is so you stop worrying about everything in life, because let's be honest, securing a mate is the end goal in life for every male, and if you're unable to get that even if you try your best...