1. W

    [RageFuel] Toronto woman in wheelchair cries "HE'S HARASSING ME!" at T.I. O'Keefe

    For a disabled woman in a wheelchair, she does seem to have more energy than the average person: At the ending of video, look at all of those coins! If it were a man in wheelchair, no one would give a fuck.
  2. Friedman

    [Blackpill] Let's think for a second...

    I took the blackpill recently and then I discovered the Incels, I know very well what is going on your minds: rage, bitterness, stress, depression, anxiety, sometimes I have rage attacks, the desperation, loosing the will to live and all that stuff and it's very relatable to me. I'm a teenager...
  3. JeffGoldblumInTheFly

    [Blackpill] Chads are better women hater than us

    Chads do not accept shit from females, when females insult them or try to diminish their masculinity in some way, they quickly apply a corrective in them, in the form of a beating or even a death penalty, statistically chads are well ahead of us in the demonstration of hatred against women, even...
  4. lonelyistheworld

    strong black woman get yo ass in here

  5. L Lawliet

    Gender (In)Justice