1. Blacktarpill

    Nausea and Kointo

    I'm a newbie so i didn't know their existance. @SuperSaiyanGymcel told me about nausea and kointo in a thread. Can i get some more information on nov17 cels(or oldcels) about nausea and kointo? I looked at nausea's message's and his unban thread and it was confusing.
  2. FaceandHFD

    [JFL] Why does @whogivesafucc lurk here 24/7?

    Kinda feel bad he is banned tbh ngl.
  3. fukmylyf

    Unban Discussion Megathread

    This megathread is for the community to discuss unbans in general: Bans reversed. Unbanned users. Ban appeal threads and responses. General discussion of the topic. Note that unless a user is very prominent and creates big news with his unban, you should PM users yourself to find out why they...
  4. Incellectual

    [JFL] Not getting banned and/or warned is easy as fuck

    Just don't post anything thats against the rules LMFAO :feelskek: :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: All you have to do is not personally piss off mods how hard can that be :feelskek::feelskek::feelskek::feelskek: Just make sure you don't mention anything not allowed and you'll be...
  5. H

    [Experiment] which user would you bring back and which would you ban if you could?

    im not going to say who i want banned(too high inhib) but id ressurect nausea without a second thought. anyone can spam cuck faces like ritalincel or weebshit like RDF phaggots but the phenomenon that was nausea is simply irreplaceable.
  6. nausea

    [LifeFuel] yetihunting club

    post heah ur yeti findings\discoveries\treatises\speculationisms\whateva go
  7. nausea

    [Serious] hemorroidsupportthread

    rules 1 u must have hemorroids 2 u must talk bout hemorroids 3 u must follow rules 1 n 2 go
  8. nausea

    got bad news

    Hello. Must give you bad news. The Emperor is sick. He has had a mental breakdown. Reason is the sad realization of the lack of understanding of many blobs here. At the present moment, it is not known if and when he will recover.
  9. nausea

    [Experiment] spot the alts of mcdaddies

    RULES 1 tag it 2 explain why go
  10. nausea

    [Serious] what about I ban the yeti

  11. nausea

    [Experiment] freely talk about the yeti

    ITT thou shalt be free to talk with no fear go
  12. nausea

    [Serious] pre-investiture thread

    Hola. Nausea here. Given mah newly acquired supremacy, and unexpectedly eh, I premise this prior to the official investiture: As soon as kointo's issue is solved me will proceed.
  13. nausea

    [LifeFuel] me dealing with the mcdaddies

  14. nausea

    [News] lil yeti : counting

    time's runnin'
  15. Juxtaposition6

    [Serious] Kointo release petition

    Sign the petition
  16. nausea


  17. nausea

    [News] counterignoranceproject

    hello ITT C.I.P. Mission----------------------------->counter the ignorance of users ( op included ) let's see
  18. T


    Feel free to introduce yourself to the group. Share your story, your background, your interests, whatever you want others to know about you.  Welcome!