1. seija

    [Media] Who wants to bet this is a LARP?

    Bet this is made by an IncelQueers user who LARPed and made this video.
  2. DarkMTS_57

    [Venting] You know what i hate ? Unlisted Videos...

    You know those videos that you enjoy so much, and for some retarded reason they go missing. Like that. *snap* This kind of bullshit ruins my fucking mood, so i took the habit of downloading stuff when i see that is worth it. Especially soundtrack from games that i love. It really saddens me when...
  3. Mixedcel

    [SuicideFuel] Literal Chad reads thirst tweets

    Warning, this will hurt to watch.
  4. seija

    [Meme] Anyone here remember CopperCab?

    He was literally the first meme that I think I possibly remember from being on the internet in my early 2010s as a kid. It was even funnier when Schmoyoho made a songify version of his video and he got even more butthurt. I think CopperCab was mad over a south park episode JFL. NGL, the...
  5. seija

    [LifeFuel] Just got a Saint Hamudi video recommended to me on YouTube

    Now thats lifefuel just by itself because he is one of my favourite blackpill youtubers.
  6. seija

    [JFL] "Women who dated an inkel, tell your story!!!!"

    :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: :soy: How much money do you want to bet half of these stories are LARPs? The fucking comments on the youtube video are absolutely hilarious.
  7. seija

    [Blackpill] Tim Pool explains how 1/3 of foids lie to men to go on dates for free food

    "I want muh equality, but pay for my food please!!!!" Tim Pool is absolutely fucking based and is calling out hypocrisy on feminism and leftist values. He also explains how men's biology and testosterone for men and how it affects their jobs & job opportunities, risk, pay. He also explains...
  8. seija

    [JFL] Foid talks about Elliot Rodger

    She also gives her own situation at the beginning of the video. Bitch you seriously need to get to the point, people are here to hear about Elliot Rodger not for your sob story. JFL at her opinion on Elliot and she deserved to be stalked.
  9. F

    [JFL] The Life of an Incel-in-Denial (Live-Action)

    Warning: NSFW, Soy Imagine being the baldcel. You finally work up the courage to do some aggressive cold approaching after taking a break from incel forums. You decide to try out some retarded PUA tricks and get the she-harpy treatment in return while the foid is all smiling and shit to the...
  10. seija

    [Media] [Blackpill?] I found a very interesting video on Youtube about the Mouse Utopia Experiments.

    I'm currently watching a video that is honestly very interesting and it even mentions at one point where the rats act similar to people in city life and people in our modern society. Its about an experiment done in the 1940s up to the early 1970s involving rats & mice where they test the rat's...
  11. drajeto23

    [Experiment] Would like some opinions for a video I'm making

    So, I watched Mobey Blue's response to Sargon a while back and wanted to make my own edutainment video about inceldom hopefully educating normies about inceldom. I wanted to hear some legitimate accounts on what you people think inceldom is and some responses to the most common criticisms...
  12. anon2719

    Translated A Japanese Video Making Fun Of Incels

    Tell me your thoughts, and if I should translate some more stuff....
  13. morgenthau

    This song sums up how the average foid thinks about sub-6'2"-men in 2018

    Short People by Randy Newman Just heard this song on the radio here in Germany. Newman says that this song was supposed to be satirical btw..
  14. Brak123

    [SuicideFuel] after watching this video you will rope

    Can you explain how there are million cucks and rostie femoids who watch theese stupid videos? anyway in this videos you can see the facial structure of males who attract girls.
  15. lonelyistheworld

    [Serious] how to defend yourself from the normalfag hordes on social media

    Here is a good tip for when you get attacked normalfags on social media. Normalfags will swarm you and when it comes to incels they are not interested in having a reasonable discussion. The secret is to never ever address any of their criticisms and just keep attacking them. With them just keep...
  16. UglyLoser

    I’m an Ugly Loser and I’m starting a Youtube Channel around that fact.

    Hey guys. I’ve always loved Youtube. I sink probably upwards of four hours into Youtube daily. However, it always bothered me that there was almost no forever alone content. Heck there is barely any sad content at all. Just the occasional depressing Thai life insurance commercial. So I...
  17. iblamemyself

    [Blackpill] Youtube videos: beware staged content

    Just a reminder, pls keep in mind that anything you see in youtube videos (especially pick up experiments and interviews) is often staged or the clips are selectively selected.