[LDAR] ALL inceldom is exacerbated by ethnics



Aug 18, 2019
19d 22h 28m
There's simply too many potential people to facilitate the propagation of the current capitalist system for governments to give a shit about people who drop out of it. If it weren't for the population bomb, the countries participating in global capitalism would all be facing shortages in their populations with major societal implications. In a closed system, America for example simply couldn't afford to keep having so many people drop out of the system. With the option to import workers, the system is sustainable because tech worker curries and manual labor latinos are plentiful and are willing to cram 16 people into a "single family" home. If that option were removed, there'd be a reason for society to care about NEETs and other types of LDAR shut-ins. That they don't just shows that there's no demand for people to feed the system.

The world's white population is declining, but the world's non-white population (specifically non-white and non-East Asian) is still expanding rapidly to the point where the planet will have another two billion people in just the next 30 years. Additionally, even though the people having mass numbers of children clearly aren't incel, the spread of Western capitalist ethics affects ethnics who don't meet Western standards of attractiveness. However, there's no sign that spread of standards is pervasive enough to limit the number of births to the point where the system will be threatened.

Stopping mass migration via political means is not going to happen without a major "shakeup" to the system. The alternative is to simply stop providing the system with so many working units so that each unit increases in value. This phenomenon happened in Western Europe in the 14th Century after the Black Death. Unless there's some pandemic or some war to cull the numbers of people on the planet, the system will sustain itself.

tl;dr just hope that India and Pakistan aren't larping about a nuclear war over Kashmir