Another horrific incel attack in Toronto--man sexually assaults women on live TV with a nonconsensual kiss



Mar 20, 2018
19h 23m

The woman was stunned by the encounter. When asked if she was alright with the man kissing her, the woman said "yeah, he's so hot!", blew the man a kiss, and yelled "Text me!" Absolutely horrific to see another attack in Toronto carried out by an incel, a term which we all know refers to people who don't respect women, disregard consent, or hold right wing views like not wearing a mask during quarantine. This man is blackpill incarnate and it's unclear why this man isn't being labelled as an incel by the media or IncelTears considering he meets all the necessary requirements.
I should repost this exact link but instead of using subtle satire I should just explain why this is a blackpill with simple words & clickbait that low IQlets can understand. Such as "it's OK when Chad does it blackpill part 30" and explain in excruciating detail what happened in the video since none of you fuckwits are going to watch it anyways.

So I'll probably post this again with "Chad kisses a random woman on live TV he doesn't know. It is clear that if he was UNATTRACTIVE he would be called an incel and the woman would cry rape. However due to the fact the man is physically attractive the media doesn't label him an incel and only refers to the act as "non-consensual behaviour" when it's legally sexual assault, tries to cover up the original television broadcast, and refuses to call out the man whose identity is known. This incredible double standard yet again demonstrates why Toronto is the most incel city in the world. You can sexually assault someone on live TV and get away with it if you're Chad"

Then I'll end up with 200 replies which are all angry reaction images, memes, shit like "pickle rick on a stick that's problematic soyerino", and other dumbass tier shit like "massively multiplayer online thermonuclear multistage teller-ulam designed natural uranium tampered BLACKPILL".
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