[Experiment] Autistic Way To Calculate Social Value

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Nov 8, 2017
The basic idea behind this calculation is that every social interaction can be defined as either a win or a loss at the very deepest level, and that the sum of social interactions results in total social value. Generalizing social interactions can be classed into interactions with every person you have ever met over a period of time ranging from daily to a person's entire life. Unfortunately nobody possess that level of memory to be able to remember all these interactions and their results, so for a simple guesstimate, I will use the following idea. Note this can be easily changed according to one's needs.

A win or loss in sum of social interactions over each 5 year period of your life together. A win in a single 5 year period is defined as when the percentage of social interaction wins with each person forms >50% of the total number of people you interacted with. For example if you interacted with 100 people in a 5 year period and you can classify at least 51 people you interacted with as a win, you can classify the entire 5 year period as a win.

This number will be expressed in binary. A loss in the five year period =0 and win=1. First digit will be from ages 0-4, next 5-9, then 10-14..... and so on. The reason I chose 5 year period is because it will give you value that can easily be expressed with scientific notation for extremely huge numbers, if you look up longest living person, she lived to 122, since that doesn't evenly divide by 5 I will use the next one which is 125. 125/5=25, since we are starting from 0 because it's binary, 25-1=24. Maximum possible value assuming they live to 124, one can have if the highest digit is 1 instead of 0 is 2^24=16777216. Maximum possible value when summed from 2^0 to 2^24 is resulting from this is 33554431. Minimum is always 0.

Example 10 year old which would include the last 9 years
4 possible combinations
base 2 on left and base 10 on right
(00) = 0
(10)= 1
so minimum social value for 10 year old is 0 and maximum is 3.
Calculate yours and see what you get.


Jul 24, 2019
yeah u r right, its totally autistic