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May 23, 2019

I’ll try to make this short but I also want to fully explain myself.

I waited several weeks before appealing as I wanted to show that I served some time and not someone who appeals right away. With that said the main reasons I am appealing are because I really am incel and close to being 40 yo virgin. No fakecel here unfortunately.

None of my warnings have been for bragging about doing anything sexual since I have never in my life done anything sexual. The first I feel was legit since I was new and didn’t understand the rules. Couple of them I 100% disagree with. If any mod wants me to further explain in detail in pm any of these warnings and my view I am willing to do that.

Reasons I should be allowed back:
Excellent place to cope
I’m actually incel
I really connected to some of the users here and I feel they connected to me and honestly I want to help my bros here as much as I can.
Other than this brag issue I was fairly obedient member. Never post anything edgy or say go ER and I even report violations on occasion especially if it is more edgy/serious/illegal stuff.

My plan if I am allowed to return:
Will not discuss any positive female interaction even if it occurred 10 or 20 years ago (oldcel problems).
Will not ever say I look better than someone.
If allowed back I am ok with being on “thin ice” and starting off with a high warning percentage.
If my appeal is not approved I will be ok, and I will respect the decision of the mods and I will always support my incel brothers whether I’m on this site or not.
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snow falls
May 19, 2018
It is true that you have never been warned for bragging about a sexual experience, and you seem to understand how to avoid future warnings. A note has been added to your file reminding the mods of what you have promised here and why you were previously banned. Any future brag warning will be a permanent ban.
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