Blackpill and Incels

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Nov 7, 2017
"Incel" is a state of being, a situation. It is not an ideology. Being incel represents only being the state of wishing to find a sexual or romantic partner and being unable to do so. Incels may therefore have any particular set of beliefs, as they are not a monolithic group. However, in general, most have come to understand their situations through the perspective of the Blackpill.

To understand the Blackpill, we must first explore the background.

The Bluepill
Many in polite society are most preoccupied with talking about the world in a way that makes them "feel good" rather than being truly honest. People tell white lies like "looks don't matter much" or "your race will not hold you back." Young men are raised to believe that the quality of their character is what counts most and if they are good, honest, hard-working people, women will appreciate and love them for that.

This is the Bluepill. It is what most of us were raised on by our parents, teachers, and mentors. It is what many of us would love to believe. However, through the trials of their lives, by witnessing first hand which men actually succeed most with women, and research, most incels have mostly come to realize the bluepill today is a lie. It is a fantasy which sounds beautiful but has little grounds in truth. It is a fantasy sold to young boys to push them to succeed and contribute to a society which may never give them back what they most desire. The Bluepill may have been true at one time, perhaps in our parents' generation or their parents' generation, but not anymore. The Bluepill may appear true for a small percentage of people, but it is the result of variance and probability. In practice, the Bluepill is no more.

The Redpill
Many men have woken up to realize the falsehoods of the Bluepill in recent years. Pickup artists (PUAs) and their like developed the Redpill - a concept that if you understand where the Bluepill is wrong, you can manipulate outcomes to your advantage through psychological games and focused self improvement. While some of this may be true, such as the concept of hitting the gym to improve attractiveness, or applying behavioral traits here and there, it is still a vastly inadequate perspective to explain what is happening in the world or the full truth of what most matters in dating, sex, and relationships.

The Blackpill
The Blackpill is a pure and ongoing distillation of decades of sociological, biological, and psychological research towards understanding the unvarnished, comprehensive truth of male-female sexual and relationship dynamics. The Blackpill is not concerned with whether or not the truth hurts people's feelings. It is not concerned with political correctness. It is not concerned with whether or not the truth leads to hope or despair. It is only concerned with truth - truth born out not of opinion or belief, but of research and fact.

The Blackpill covers such subjects as:
- What personality traits are most associated with male sexual success.
- The value of a man's unchangeable characteristics (race, height, face) to a woman.
- How modern changes in society and technology have vastly facilitated advanced female hypergamy (the tendency of women to want to "date up").
- Why growing numbers of men are being left behind - alone, isolated, depressed, and suicidal.

The Blackpill does not offer any solutions to these issues. It offers only understanding. Indeed, this means the Blackpill might sound depressing, nihilistic, or negative to most people, but there is often a price to pay for truth. Just like any type of knowledge, each individual must choose what that means for them. Common reactions to the Blackpill include venting (eg. writing angry posts on a web forum), working on further self improvement, or focussing on "coping" (i.e., activities that bring pleasure and are within one's control). Our forum helps fellow incels process their feelings and work towards finding a life that can still have meaning for them.

For a comprehensive summary of the key points of the Blackpill and science which supports it, please visit the dedicated Wiki page at:

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