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Nov 8, 2017
The following is a list of threads and posts that discuss social and sexual behavior
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[Blackpill] SCIENTIFIC PROOF that the order of importance is: Race > Height > Face > Money

[Blackpill] Study showing: (1) Women lie tremendously about the importance of looks, and (2) It is Looks > Personality > Money for both genders

[Blackpill] The relationship between Bluepill, Redpill, and Blackpill.

[Blackpill] Brain Structure Different by Gender

[Blackpill] Study on the sexual market of Tinder

[Blackpill] Even 1 YEAR OLDS AVOID unattractive people

[Blackpill] Blackpill on a medical book "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" unless you're ugly

[Blackpill] Debunking false findings and manipulation of data against incels

[Blackpill] About tall husbands and short wives

[Blackpill] Racepill Part 5 - nature vs nurture

[Blackpill] Another pro scientific study confirms the black pill (inceldom is growing)

[Blackpill] Men's Looks Matter More Than Women Admit, Study Shows

[Blackpill] Comparing our fellow mammals and humans

[Blackpill] Height preferences

[Blackpill] "Love at first sight" is a real, scientifically-backed phenomenon, and its mere existence proves appearance matters over anything else.

[Blackpill] Strong Inverse Association Between Height and Suicide (manlets on suicide watch, literally)

[Blackpill] It takes 13 ms for people to differentiate attractive faces from unattractive faces

[Blackpill] Science confirms: Compared to last decade, women putting out only for Chad

[Blackpill] Unattractive Men Not Viewed As ‘Dating Material,’ No Matter How Great Their Personality

[Blackpill] Ethnic male celibacy >30% in 2018

[Blackpill] Celibacy Rate is at least 25% for men under 26 years old

[Blackpill] More Blackpill Data - Share of Population Sexless In the Last Year by Gender

[Blackpill] Menstrual cycle and shifting female preferences

[Blackpill] The ideal male jaw angle

[Blackpill] Ugly face of crime: too ugly to get a job

[Blackpill] How Important is Physical Attractivenessin the Marriage Market?

[Blackpill] Racepill Part 4 (bbc meme DEBUNKED)

[Blackpill] Evolutionary Psychology and Mate Selection in the Age of Tinder

[Blackpill] Circumcision/MGM

[Blackpill] Low social status 'can damage immune system'

[Blackpill] Racepill Part 3 (ethnics, enter at your own risk)

[Blackpill] 1 in 10 men are unknowing cucks (false paternity statistics)

[Blackpill] Study shows that "social isolation may shorten lives."

[Blackpill] Attractive people are objectively smarter (genetically superior) than unattractive people

[Blackpill] The BBD: Big Blackpill Dump (aggregate thread)

[Blackpill] NYT blackpill article about effect of looks on one's life; (1981)

[Blackpill] Reddit Atomic Blackpill (aggregate thread)

[Blackpill] Mouse Utopia Experiment

[Blackpill] "Physical attractiveness powerfully affects our subjective experience" (study)

[Blackpill] Bullies typically go on to lead more fufilling, healthier lives than their victims.

[Blackpill] Orgasms as status indicators for men.

[Blackpill] Manlet cutoff is 6ft according to study (heightpill)

[Blackpill] Another study proves the halo effect

[Blackpill] Tinder experiment in the UK: Latino/Med vs Muslim vs Mulatto

[Blackpill] "The Structure of Adolescent Romantic and Sexual Networks"

[Blackpill] IT'S OVER SINCE DAY FUCKING ONE (Discrimination against ugly babies)

[Blackpill] Tinder: Fascinating statistics (a quantitative socio-economic study by Worst-Online-Dater)

[Blackpill] Even White Chad is losing annual worth

[Blackpill] Study confirms that women care way more about face than body

[Blackpill] If you're short you can't even be a sperm donor

[Blackpill] Being ethnic is as bad as being 5'4'' according to studies
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