"bragging" clarification request

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May 20, 2018
19d 11h 43m
re this rule:
Bragging: No (discussing or requesting) personal romantic or sexual experiences, even if they happened long ago. No humble-bragging. Looksmax.me is more suitable to discuss romance. Note heavy bragging outside of incels.co may carry a warning/ban if it is brought to our attention. No larping; there's a difference between withholding your experiences and pretending they never happened.
This seems to ban 4 things:
1) discussing personal romantic experiences​
2) discussing personal sexual experiences​
3) requesting personal romantic experiences​
4) requesting personal sexual experiences.​

I would like to know if the "no bragging" rule covers anything else not mentioned here. If so, I would like to know if the rules will be amended to specify these other things.

For example:
1) guy talking about how rich he is (see Aug 2018 thread) including escorts, which should fall under 'sexual' anyway​
2) guy talking about how tall he is (see Nov 2018 thread)​
3) guy talking about how large his dick is (see May 2019 thread)​
4) guy talking about how easily he socializes with women in a platonic (not romantic or sexual) fashion​
5) guy talking about how girls are constantly hitting on him (but it's not romantic or sexual because he rejects them and does not reciprocate)​

Blickpall has left a consistent reply:
"we do ban people who outright brag about specific features,
depending the frequency and severity of the brag"​

However this policy hasn't actually been written up in the rules. So if this is in practice, will it be?


Nov 7, 2017
There is little point in adding a rule for every type of bragging in existence. If someone brags about something that the rest of the forum is clearly disadvantaged on then there are valid grounds for a warning, yes. You could argue it's already covered in the "no humble-bragging" part.
In short, Blickpall's statement holds true.
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