Can I ever come back?

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Doomed 4 Inceldom
Jan 21, 2019
@knajjd Gave me an 80% warning ban that lasts for three days which I completely understood.

But, it seems like that ban was later turned into a perma; which really sucks :feelsbadman:

It’s really hard to cope when i’m not allowed to post or interact here. I feel really out of place in other online communities, filled with normie cucks and general retards. I had a lot of relatable instances on this forum, and to have it gone really makes me inch closer to insanity yet again.

I have learned that I am not to speak of the subjects I discussed in the thread that got me banned, as it can lead to the wrong message of me bragging, and I really apologize for it. All I can say is that I promise I won’t mention it again if I am able to be given another chance.

I just want you guys to know that I am a full believer of the blackpill and I am very much an incel. I’ve never had sex, i’ve never had a girlfriend, i’ve never had a kiss, hell i’ve barely interacted with any females my age. I am as incel as an incel can get. I made lots of topics that fellow incels could relate to if you look at my post history.

If I gotta be gone from this place for good, then I accept it, even if it is very upsetting.

However, if I can be given another chance I would really, really appreciate it. Thank you


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Nov 7, 2017
you knew that you were breaking the rules when you created that thread:
"This might get me banned, but please try to read whole post before making any assumptions"
"If this gets me banned then oh well, guess I just have to LDAR on my own."

even then, you simply couldn't resist making a thread titled "I... have a confession to make. This might not go down well", simply and solely to announce the fact that you're good looking, that females love you and that you don't relate to the blackpill, which by itself is enough to ban you, really:

"I’m probably qualify as a 7/10 chadlite/hightier normie"
"I’m 6,3 and my face is really rigid and a religious foid said i had a nice “jawline” once. I dont really relate to a lot of the blackpill stuff thrown around this forum"
"Sometimes i look in the mirror and get a massive redpill attack. If an outgoing subhuman confidentcel had my looks hed probably be slaying."
"Theres even been some foids that showed interest in me i guess but i was so awkward back then that i thought they were just trying to make fun of me because i was awkward."

this crap is all from the very same thread.

so, you're not blackpilled, females hit on you out of the blue, you're very good looking... most importantly, you create threads just to brag about yourself. why the fuck are you here in the first place?
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