i think one of my toxic friends catfished me and i paid for catfished date



Jul 17, 2019
so few yrs ago i was on tinder everyday getting no action but after a few months one chick agreed to meet.

why I think she was convinced by him to do it:
1. there was no texting between us, i just said hi, date, she said yes but not immedietely but after few months without reply so perhaps she was convinced by someone
2. when i went for bus stop there was some (other) toxic guy that i disliked and he smiled in rude manner. both toxic guys knew each other
3. she was NOT interested since start at all. not even looking in my direction when i approached her BEFORE SHE SAW MY FACE. if she wanted date, she would be looking all the time if someone is coming. but she didnt want it so she was just standing there looking in dark void lol. so its not like she felt disgusted, she just didnt want the date at all
4. even during date she was quiet all the time and i was kinda talking with myself.
5. one toxic exfriend came. took table, sat near me and was looking at me for 5min. he was with his woman (but very ugly monster, better fuck with hand). mind you he didnt say a word to his woman and she didnt say anything to him either and they just came, took table near me and were sitting there for 5min without telling a word to each other. thats more than not normal lmao.
6. his woman was pointing her phone at me like if recording and i think staff was looking on her phone so maybe she was recording me
7. he took table near me :D which is weird as fuck cause there were many tables

i paid for this bitch's beer. after date she just wanted to split ways lol.
so the weirdest are bolded

it took me few years to realize this. i was on nofap when i realized it could be like that. just lmao at the autism of some people here. i mean it still could be false but i think its not

btw the guy who sat near me was someone who i rejected in terms of friendship before and it perhaps trigerred this cuck with landwhale gf lol


Jul 24, 2019
bro, arent you srsly tired of these crazy stories