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I was banned forever because of a user on lookism (thank you "friends")

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Jan 10, 2018
16h 8m
This is a thread where I should be to be unbanned right?

I will not beg for anything. I stand 100% by my approaches - the most popular thread on this forum. I dare ANYONE ON THE PLANET to do it better than me.

I also presented two approach recordings.


I double dare you motherfuckers.

Enjoy, your forum - with ADS of females on top.

fuck you

I gave my soul to this forum.

And what do I get in return? Some guy digs threads by a member "uninstall" on lookism and bans me for them.

Go fuck yourself.

Nothing else to say.

P.S. I double dare you to approach 100 girls and see where I lied.

You ain't no different than the foids.

Fuck you.

Tears down my eyes.

You didn't deserve what I gave you.


Mar 26, 2018
the title you chose for this personifies how much of a lying cunt you are. such is to be expected from a larping piece of shit, however. you're like every other user who gets banned, scratching and clawing on the way down in your pathetic attempt to save some face.

"some guy" you say.

here, you've just made a thread trying to maintain the facade that everything you posted here wasn't both a fucking joke, and a mockery of everyone on this site. instead of trying to deceive lookism as well, you should scamper off for a while before you make yourself look anymore pathetic than you already are.

lets go over just a few of the claims you've made here:

  • Fucking a bitch, cumming on her face and then blocking her must feel like heaven tbh
  • very soon I will have to start lying to my mother that I have a gf
  • [Blackpill] if she does not let you cum in her mouth, she does not love you
  • [SuicideFuel] setting tinder to 18-22 is pure suifuel, suifuel to know someone is fucking them
  • I hate how sex is controlling my Life WITHOUT EVEN BEING A PART OF IT - LMFAO - THE IRONY
  • namely - all I want is a normal girl 5/10 is enough and not fat to be with me.
  • my heart will never love or be loved
  • [SuicideFuel] Kissing a foid that loves you in the park must feel like heaven
  • [Venting] i often see ugly/average men with girlfriends, while i rot alone unloved lonely
  • Sex Is a Myth
  • I honestly think that I have a higher chance to find money on the street than to have sex at this point.
  • I could have been a normie = probably you too
  • Every incel is a MENTALCEL. But not every mentalcel is ugly.
  • Many of us are lying sack of shits.
here, you're pushing the narrative that you're a hopeless incel who has never known love or any sexual success, even claiming that all you need to be content in life is a 5/10 girl. now, let's contrast this to a few of your lookism threads.

this alone is self explanatory for your ban. every single one of those threads completely contradict your falsified lamentations and woes of being an "incel". you even go so far as to say that everyone here is a lying mentalcel, likely in a disgusting act of projecting yourself onto the site.

i don't know how you had the gall to make that new thread on lookism. instead of just laying down and letting your little persona fade, you choose to take it like a scared, cornered animal, throwing a tantrum because you know you've been caught. you should feel ashamed for all the people you've lied to here in your ploy for attention and validation. you didn't "give us anything" but a disgusting act of attention whoring.

best of luck elsewhere
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