Law vs anger



Jul 17, 2019
Ton of people crossed the line and did something to undermine me to make it seem like i am below them (bullying, gossiping, talking behind my back, spreading rumors and convincing others vs me, convincing women to catfish me and go on fake date, joking at my expense, even organizing hate groups)

It was all because i was a nice guy, but also someone that they felt is more worthy to target than other nice guys.

Now all I have in me is regret and i seriously want a revenge but theres law protecting them. And I have no idea what to do. Theres so many people on my list that deserve a hardcore beating, but probably 90% of them would inform police after. For some reason i cant let it go. (Not only wont these events stop from happening if I dont do anything, but also my sense of pride wont let me).

What you think is the solution?