@Moderation Staff I am asking for a return to this site

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May 29, 2020
6d 5h 49m
@Moderation Staff please unban me. I did not mean to post gay content. The post I made about raping a guy was just a joke post so please do not take it seriously. I deleted that post after realizing it might cause discomfort to some of the other users here. I did not mean any homosexuality or harm. I am currently awaiting your response.The ban was unfair considering that it was a joke post and not serious homosexual content. I would also like to mention that the mod that banned me is @GoffSystemQB

Thank you, Newcel04
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Nefarious Dark Overlord of I.N.C.E.L. aka mod
Jan 8, 2020
144d 21h 1m
Let's review:

First you had your thread that you were initially warned for where you argued vociferously that liking traps is not gay and that you like them which was the main offending post.

Then you had this post in another thread about someone on reddit going "prison gay" which you made right before that thread. I guess in the context of the thread it's passable although given your other posts and the fact that you made the trap thread the minute after this it might indicate an agenda:
Omega wolves (lowest ranking wolves) in a pack will sometimes have sex with each other. This is also true in humans

After that you had your joke about raping a guy. To be fair you did delete it, but deleting a post doesn't make it not gay. Nor does joking about stuff like that given the other content on your account.

And then you have jokes you cracked in response to other people calling you gay referring back to your other gay posts:
1.Mentally ill-check
2.Be homosexual- lol remember my thread I made earlier:feelsEhh:
4.IDK what its too late means

Wondering about why knajjd hates gays (in a borderline whine thread no less):
Why does knajjd hate gays so much? Not defending faggots just asking

All of this happened with the span of a few days at most mind you.

In spite of all this, I probably did overreact given you were already warned for the main offending post: the trap thread. So I'll give you one more chance. Last strike on any gay/trans stuff. Or really any suspicious behavior for that matter.
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