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Make your local feminist eat pavement.
Nov 7, 2017

Wouldn't it be good to be in Chad's shoes?


Incel revolution
Aug 8, 2018
One of my all time favorite: Sugar Minott "Hard Time Pressure", Black Roots, 1979.
Featured in GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City.


OOH, OOH OOWEE, right now say

babylon a put on the pressure, oh yes
Hard time pressure
babylone a put on the pressure, oh yes
hard time pressure

On this land, On this land
Some can't take it but they can't leave it
some are forced to stay under it, oh yes
got to keep on slaving inna babylon
ya got to keep on slaving, oh yes
inna babylon

Rastaman, don't you give it up
Just keep on facing Jah and lick your luck, oh yes
you got to keep on stepping outta babylon
keep on stepping, yeah
out ah babylon

everybody got to keep on work it out
everydoby got to keep on slaving right now
keep on slaving inna babylon, hard time pressure
just keep on slaving inna babylon

watch this, watch this
hard time pressure inna babylon
hard time pressure inna babylon

hard time pressure


Apr 5, 2018
"Blame me blame me blame me, for mistakes you made but you can't own
Hate me hate me hate me, for every honest word that you've postponed
Leave me out of this
Life's a sinking ship
We could scream all night, with no resolve still left in sight
Stop saying you're sorry
All of these words feel so very empty
Torturing yourself
Must be into the abuse
Get the rope that ties us together
Please make me a noose, godspeed"
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