[Hypocrisy] On autism



The Knight Of The Swords
Oct 1, 2018
If you have principles ideals if you are not comformist you are "autist"

In our era of harmfull immoral influences of society of degenerates one has to methodicaly avoid those influences , wich in eyes of degenerates seen as " autism".

This is just a word. It is the question of terms. What comformistic degenerate sees as autism in the language of middeval times would be seen as sainthood, or as piety , or devoution pursuit of higher ideals.

And thst is funny to see that society that sees as normal that people make hamburgers wjth literal shit at the same time sees autism as something mormid.

Society that sees sodomy and pedophily as somethimg normal sees as pathology autism .

Society that sees brainded lile of good for nothimg western waste of sperm as progreesive sees autism as something abmormal - whereas autists are autists only because their healthy psyche resists illness of all social body.
If you are autist you have to deem yourself as one of the few of remained people with healthy psyche.
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Valiant Virgin

Valiant Virgin

Just a face in the crowd
Nov 7, 2018
Good luck in the fight against it.