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The Abyss

The Abyss

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Jul 27, 2018
35d 16h 46m
Too lazy typing on phone to elaborate too much but I swear everything runs around common themes, ppl tend to look similar as fuck depending on the group bracket they're in.

Feminists in their pursuit of being free to be who they wanna be all look like the same one of two categories, fat or thin but with dyed hair, side cut on 1 side, piercing, shitty tattoo, glasses.

Soyboys with beard, beanie, shitty skinny jeans, checkered shirts.

Even depending on profession's theres a common look ppl tend to have based around what it is.

Sports crowds like soccer if you look at a lower league side these ppl all have the same dumb look about them while they shout & are hopped up on stupid energy.

Chads all have the same rectangular shaped super meatboy face. If you line up 20 of these dudes with the quiffed up hair & maintained beard you'd think they're all brothers.

I was reading a post by @FrameCell & he had this picture in it
It made me think how many guys do you see that all look like this, seriously it's like they're mass produced off a fucking production line.

Then you get ppl that look similar as fuck but are not related just with the eyes or nose being different. It's like a game with a character creation tool but there's like 25 options for each feature so of course with so many players in the game you'll get 95% similar builds.

It's just fucking hilarious how foids all want the same 1 blueprint for a man yet men will accept 99.99% of the female versions out there. It sounds stupid but I feel like everyone is born as a different batch of bread or something & so much is decided before you even have a say in the matter, from the dough used to the shape & size & I'm talking more than just genetics, your whole path is already determined. Sure you'll deviate a bit along the way but not by much.
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