Please Mr free me

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Jan 17, 2019
So I figured now is as good a time as any based upon what @knajjd told me today I might as well quit wasting time
So I will go ahead and explain why my original ban could be Mr overturned in reasoning therefore letting me return despite the ban evasion




That was @retarded_dumbshit doing what seems to me like apologizing for the biggest warning I received on my original account @Saint Michael at 40% which was for telling another user to castrate themselves. Knajjd tells users to hit their nuts with a hammer pretty often the only difference is I wasn't joking. The answer is to kill sex drive. But I digress. The nail in my coffin warning on @Saint Michael was for a thread "if you WERE going to go ER how would you do it?" The reason I thought it was ok to make such a thread was because it was pretty common at the time for users to outright post "go ER" and my thread was relatively tame compared to that so I thought it would be allowed.
Also there was no rule in place for not saying "go ER" at that time and sarge has said previously that he would consider freeing users who were banned before certain rules were put in place.



And I'm aware that I ban evaded And you said you don't want me back for that reason @knajjd but I wasn't that involved with the forum and got banned very fast and my biggest warning seems to have not even been rule breaking.
Also you likely don't care but I honestly was surprised that knowing the whole story pretty thoroughly you wouldn't want my return. .
But that's irrelevance the reason I ban evaded to begin with was because my first attempt at trying to be apart of the forum ended in a ban that for the reasons above was really the result of a misunderstanding tbh. I've never been a troll or a role play. It stands to reason that if I had made some of those weirder kind of posts as a more established member it wouldn't have seemed so sus. And honestly the misunderstanding about discussing ER could happen to anyone. And that thread was tame in comparison to "go ER" posts which there is now a rule against hence my reasoning. Not to say I didn't still break a rule there. I did.
But please don't be so ruthless
All my attempts to be here have ended in short stays and the first ban would have never happened had I joined in 2019.
So considering that there isn't really much else to say please unban me. The case for it makes sense
And the ban evasion is just due to me wanting to be here without the misunderstandings of the past hindering everything or even preventing me from participating at all. Which they still are.


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Nov 7, 2017
no. all the ban evasion you've attempted killed any chance of you being unbanned.
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