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Pouuop's road to 8% bf . One meal a day log .



Nov 8, 2017
Here we go boys , today we start off this log documenting my journey to 8 % bf , I will be eating one meal a day ( dinner most of the time ) and fasting for the rest of the day . I did tons of research and this method ended up being the simplest and most efficient method I could follow .

I will be updating this log daily , just took before pics of my face and body .

I'm 20 yo , 5'11,5 barefoot , estimated bodyfat of 20-22 % .

DAY 1 :

Morning weight : 176,3 lbs / 80 kgs .

Waist circumference : 36,5 inches / 92,7 cm .

Commentary : Woke up at around 8 am , had black tea ( with no sugar obviously ) , went to uni , did some work and got back home at around 12 am , felt really hungry between 12 am-4 pm but the hunger just faded away , just had another cup of black tea and Im gonna rot until dinner . Overall felt pretty good today .

Todays's motivation : The god of chads , Mathew Noszka .

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