[News] Statistics of filipino dating site

Napoleon de Geso

Napoleon de Geso

mentally crippled by lonely teen years
Apr 9, 2019
96d 5h 29m
Was not impressed by Philipines. Many females here wanting for white man, but they trying to impress common white man, not special white man of culture like me, who searching for special waifu of culture. "Simple, loving, caring, and God fearing". Loving and caring part ok, is necessary for waifu, but as man of culture I in need of more weirdo waifu, not "simple", or if waifu more into simple an traditional side, then she better be from religion who fits more my direction of spiritualmaxxing, not abrahamics

females: 53 254
liked by me: 56 (0,1%)
not liked: 53 198

Higest percentage of likeable was in Cordillera region (0,3%), and biggest number of likeable - in Eastern Visayas (11)


And foreign females, wanting for pinoy cock, were unnumerous, in abroad countries registered 2000, and majority of them filipino emigrants

females: 2170
liked by me: 5 (0,23%)
not liked: 2165

Liked ones were from Japan, Worst Korea, and UK, all of them mongoloids, and majority - filipinas
Damo the incel

Damo the incel

Marius the clown
Jun 23, 2018
119d 3h 54m
I'm sorry you got no replies