[Experiment] The different interpretations of the word "incel"

Which of these interpretations are required to be considered a true incel?

  • You need all of these interpratations to be an incel worthy of posting here

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  • All of these are wong! Please end your life immediately.

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Aug 27, 2018
I think a lot of arguments here are based on a fundamental disagreement on what it means to be an incel. So I wanted to try and get a consensus on what it truly means to be an incel and what doesn't. Please vote in the poll which interpretations you think are valid.

The Literal Incel: Quite simply someone that desires sex but can not obtain it for whatever reason. The problem with this interpretation is that it excludes escortcels and people that have lost interest in having sex altogether after years of suffering.

The Physical Incel: Someone that is unattractive. Usually considered to be below a 5 (accounting for height). This person might not even consider himself an incel, however stands no chance of ever being truly loved by a woman in any case. Would also include your average cucktears poster.

The Hypergamy Incel: Basically sub 8 theory. These would include normies ranging from 5 to 7, which with the rising standards of women, would never be able to find a woman that could love them. And even it they could, it would certainly not be worth the effort. Pure mentalcels would fall in this category.

The Hateful Incel: Some here (and outside of here) will argue that you can't truly be an incel unless you've been completely overtaken by hatred and desire to commit violence and take revenge upon this society.

The Blackpilled Incel: Someone that believes and understands looks theory. While not everyone that is blackpilled is considered an incel (RIP Zyros), some would say that those that are not blackpilled are not true incels.

These are just my interpretations... of the different interpretations... but let me know if I'm wrong or if I missed any or if you disagree.


Mar 16, 2019
forum rules allow men not incels to post, as long as they are blackpilled.

For me, there are only two types of incel: allcel, one that has so many negative characteristics that it is impossible to attract any woman, and bizarrecell, one that has one or two negative characteristics, but on a level that borders the aberration.

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