The Life and Times of itsOVER (Legendary white incel slaying in Thailand)

Even though @itsOVER is banned from this forum, his legacy lives on as he keeps feeding us wise words on Discord.
First, you have to know that he is a 5'7 white manlet NEET who was unable to get laid in his 23 years of living in the UK.

Just as he was getting ready to rope, he decided to try his luck in Thailand first.
Everything changed quickly, and now he has 1 child, and 2 other foids are pregnant by him.
His routine is simple: Date a young Thai foid, impregnate her, stay with her for 6 months, then leave. Why 6 months you ask?

How does he get money to afford living in Thailand as a NEET? He uses the generous studyloan-bux from the British government. He has no plans to ever pay it back, because

itsOVER rightfully believes everything except for sex and reproduction is cope.

You have an ugly face, and cope by begging the Almighty Lord for a foid who will love you despite of it?

You're thinking of running social circle game?

You want to compensate with a high salary?

Spending a lot of time crafting that perfect Tinder bio, buddy boyo?

However, even itsOVER has his weakness, and his secret cope comes from the cocoa tree.

In conclusion, the whitecels here should know that they have many options, that they have yet to excercise.
There are tons of foids in SEA that want to have sex with you, merely for being white.
Stop coping, and start taking action.


Jul 26, 2019
251d 12h 42m
you're completely braindead for saying this and I came here to shit on the faggots worshipping this volcel because i keep seeing morons posting quotes from him like he's fucking Buddha while all he's done is capitalize on the natural advantage he had FROM THE BEGINNING and went out of his way to make sure the bitches he impregnated wouldn't abort, ironically creating more men in an even worse position than him since they're half asain and ensuring that there's just a few more little fucks in the world who have an entire life of neglect, abuse, and invisibility to look forward to. i hate this dumb depraved piece of shit the more i think about him.


G.O.R.I.L.L.A _M.A.X.I.N.G
Sep 30, 2019
242d 7h 56m
high IQ, literally all this retard did was use JBW to fuck noodlewhores. millions of white men (including bluepilled soys) did the exact same thing before him and yet he has weird cult followers here for no reason
Humans will be humans.

Worshipping whatever God, idol, or man suits their narrative at the time, while hypocritically scorning others for the same thing.

Imagine this guy was black or Indian. You'd hear no end of "burn the coal pay the toll LOL" Or another retarded pigskin term, but since this guy is a cumskin its okay, even celebrated.

Humans never cease to amaze me. Not even half of you deserve life.