[JFL] Thoughts on these red pillers? RED MAN GROUP COPE


Feb 20, 2019

Rollo seems pretty black pilled saying women want hot guys and all that, but let's look at the actual guys who are there:

  • Guy with glasses hiding inferior eye area + beta voice + beta frame + admits he plays JBW game in Japan (so obviously can't pull in west)
  • MAGA hat guy obviously hiding balding Seems somewhat most alpha of all group (upper tier normie at best)
  • The cope fade guy who seems like a framecel
  • Rollo (oldcel, skinnycel)
  • The bald black guy seems most Tyronish out of the group
With them preaching LIFT on TRP why are NONE of these guys actually ripped? NONE!

They talk a lot of "hardcore shit", but don't even take Melanotan, Trenbolone and Anti-adrogens to prevent Norwooding LOL!

This is pathetic. They have NOTHING on Black Pilled Machiavellians and dark triads. NOTHING!

There are blackpilled guys on looksmax forums doing surgeries on the regular, they'd outmog these red pill fags to hell and back.


Sep 11, 2018
There are plenty of MRA and TRP dudes admitting to the Blackpill lately, which is nice. Too bad most MGTOWers are still into the "women only care about money" Cope. (They do love betabuxers, but money isn't a problem when the guy is Chad)

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