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Chad fucks my looksmatch but he can't steal my 29"
Dec 19, 2020
5d 10h 9m
I am using this App called Jodel, it's like R*ddit but your posts only reach local people

First, I saw some stupid femcel whining that "you have to look really good nowadays to even get a chance with men!"

At first, I wanted to call her a stupid hoe, but then I tried to be more diplomatic and wrote three comments:

-You yourself, would you give a chance to men that are not that tall / good looking / confident
-of course if you only go for the most attractive men, you will have a lot of competition

my last comment was literally "but yeah, lookism is real and human sexuality is brutal"

Some Chad or wannabe Chad below me wrote "We handsome people happen to have high standards ourselves" (=too high for you) :feelskek:

Best part is, the normies upvoted all three of my comments.:feelsLightsaber:

Jordan Peterson Theory: just use words that sound smart and people will swallow the red pill.

Later today, some guy posted that people should stop complaining about high rail ticket prices, because running the infrastructure is expensive.
feeling low inhib today, i posted: "of course if the albanians (=muslim immigrants) keep randalizing the trains"

i started laughing because i dont care about karma and i knew it would get downvoted within seconds, i just want to offend people on the app

but to my big shock, even this comment was upvoted:feelsahh:
your personality

your personality

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Jun 26, 2020
81d 20h 9m
Massive cope. You just ended up jestermaxxing for them.