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Nov 24, 2019
28d 9h 22m
Let me first clarify what individual selective traits and collective selective traits are.

Individual selective traits are traits which are favourable to the individual but unfavourable to the group. Cowardice, deception, selfishness and the dark triad of personality belongs here. Group selective traits are traits which are favourable to the group but not the individual. Mercy, compassion, conscience, self sacrifice, truthfulness and unselfishness belong to those. Note that the latter correlate with conventional morals which are taught even if individual selective traits may also be favourable in a sheer evolutionary sense. Intelligence correlates with group selective traits and morals even if there are exceptions and it does not lie among them itself.

Humans compete as individuals and groups. Individual selective traits are beneficial regarding individual competition and group selective traits are beneficial regarding group competition. An-prim tribes are often merciless to rival tribes but cunning or self sacrificing within the tribe. They would get steamrolled by a larger more group selective group which is what happened during the period of colonisation.

A pattern is that individual selective traits increase when a group is isolated at peace until the group selective traits have become so weak that the group is taken over and genocided by a group which is earlier in the cycle and more group selective. Individual competition and group competition keep these that is at a balance that is competitive in the ecology of residence.

Females are more individual selective than males. Males have a sense of truth and are more prone to self sacrifice by giving their live for the group. It is ironic that the group which is more individual selective more often gangs up to mercilessly genocide or hinder the group selective group. It is because of egoism, lack of empathy, lack of mercy and only looking to your own good, not that of the group, nation, humanity or world.

Females favour individual selection when selecting mates. Women favour violence, fear and the dark triad of personality besides good physique and health which are universally healthy. If the group got destroyed in war by a more group selective group, women would just have sex with the males of the victorious people akin to how lionesses mate with the male lion as soon as he has killed her kids and baby daddy. It lies thus in the male interest to increase group selection while female instincts which favour individual selective traits remain. This can be done by normalising a culture of arranged marriage or to execute males who practice abundantly individual selective behaviour.

It is common for a country to have a small nepotistic ruling class with individual selective traits such as psychopathy while also having a large under class with individual selective traits. They have low IQ and are unsuccessful regarding nepotism. The middle class is the only group which is a net contributor. They lose money through taxes and extracted surplus value. It is the only class that is policed by the police as the 2 classes with individual selective persons are above and below the law respectively. The person / class of group selective traits concerns itself with net production, not in themselves getting the sum total of the fruits of their labour.
The person / group of individual selective values concerns itself with acquiring pieces of the cake, not increasing its size or the ethics of doing so.

Whenever you wonder why someone does something un-clever or immoral, just ask if that is what evolution favours. It often favours such traits.
The issue of why humans are moral but not moral all the way through can, to the person who wonders why evolution has favoured group selective traits like self sacrifice, be answered with how evolution by natural selection creates a balance between group selective traits and individual selective traits.

It is more favourable to be individual selective within an individual selective group than the alternative at to not be ostracised and sentenced to death due to immorality. It is more favourable to be group selective in a group selective group than in an individual selective group as to avoid having immoralities committed against you.

An individual selective incel would be opportunistic and try to scam himself to reproduction. A group selective incel would remove himself from the gene pool.
Going ER against blood enemies could be a group selective trait if incels are your in group.

Women are individually selective by how they act, affect society and select mates. That corresponds with the inversion of modern conventional morals as group selective traits correlate with it and are the polar opposite, regarding morals and evolutionary strategy to the traits that as aforementioned are net derived from females.

Civilisations can be destroyed due to being over run by barbarians but the net pattern across history is that more group selective civilisations expands and dominates though economic, military, cultural and spiritual imperialism.
People have migrated from colder regions which to a higher degree than the alternative favour group selective traits than k-selective traits. There are exceptions to the rule such as the net eastward migrations of Inuits to Greenland from Siberia and the net southward migration of Bantu peoples from Cameroon to south of the Kalahari desert. These 2 migrations were to mostly unpopulated areas. The former type of migrations appear to be more numerous with possible exceptions of migrations to unpopulated regions. Here are some examples:

Proto Indo-aryans from central asia to India
Early Iranians from central Asia to the contemporary Iranosphere
Proto greeks from central Europe to the aegian sea.
Proto Romans from Central Europe to Italy
Germanic people from Scandinavia to Continental Europe
South slavs to the balkans
Hittites from Europe to Anatolia
Magyars from the northern Ural mountains to Hungary
Most European Colonisation

Early sundadont people from Siberia to China
Austronesians from China to the austronesian islands
The austro asiatic people like the khmers and vietnamese from China to indochina
Thais from China to indochina
Bamars from the himalayan plateau to Myanmar
Eary Sinodont people from the yellow sea to the southern China
Turks from Sibera to central Asia
Turks from central Asia to Iran and Anatolia
Indo-Aryans from the indo-gangetic plain to Southern India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Cambodia

Aztecs from United States to Mexico

While a gender which limits reproduction and acts more akin to conventionally immoral individual selective traits as well as favouring them through sexual selection can seem like a problem in its own, it also appears to hinder peoples as a whole in the great grind of human peoples that occur during history.


Dec 19, 2019
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You are using a lot of words but I agree


That’s really sad...
Jan 29, 2018
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Ah, yeah, I see what you mean now. Interesting.


Dec 1, 2019
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mogs me at biology


life was rigged from the fucking start
Apr 14, 2020
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