You can't believe how visible is a 10/10 guy [REDPILL]



Nov 8, 2017
I was out to do some groceries, and i felt pretty confident. My new custom made jaw and chin look good, although i'm going to finetune it. I'm certainly not invisible anymore and people are not going to fuck with a guy with a jaw (nobody fucks with a guy with a jaw, it's the number 1 protection in life, comparable with animals that wear red spots, like spiders, you just don't fuck with them, cause they're poisonous). I can say i looked pretty good, plus i have additional charisma (almost nobody has charisma, even most good looking males have no charisma, it's the final x factor that puts you over the edge). So, i walk into the shop, and i see some girls working there looking at me - i was not interested in them, only in sucking out their validation. I was driven by dark forces, the addiction for glances and looks, and the feeling of existence, just 'being there', being noticed, being a fucking statue.

Then, suddenly, i see, in the corner of my eyes, a guy walk past me. I immediately noticed him, but i couldn't see his face yet. But i noticed his presence, and he was tall and had a good built. He walked full of confidence, his head high, his shoulders straight, on his mammuth legs. And he walked fast, he wasn't aware of his environment, he wasn't looking for glances, he just existed in the presence of other people, but they were not really there in his headspace. I was shocked. Was this the genetically superior male? Was i being mogged, just by walking in this goddamn empty shop? Just by doing some groceries? What the f... I was hoping this was not true, that it was just my imagination. So i decided to follow this motherfucker. He walked through the shop like a fucking tank, and yes, i saw it happening. I saw this 8/10 bitch turning her head towards him, looking longer at him, her head followed his footsteps, he was in her presence, he 'existed'. I decided to take a closer look. Was this all an illusion? Could it be because of his body, his posture, his self confidence? I was almost trembling on my feet, i felt the aggression and anxiety, the cortisol and adrenaline rushing through my veins. I was hoping this motherfucker was just an average motherfucker pulling way above his weight by being confident. But then i saw it: a chiseled face, an aerodynamic jaw, great skin, big shoulders, good protruding chin, Wham-hair. It was happening in front of my eyes, and i melted away from anger and jealousy, i wanted to smash my groceries against the wall and throw apples towards this 8/10 bitch. 

It was all over. My moment of joy, the fulfillment of my narcissism, it was crushed, erased, completely destroyed by life itself. It's not even worth it, it's fucking over. I will stay in my basement for as long as this fucking life forbids me to enjoy it. You motherfuckers, don't you ever tell me that you just need to be a 7/10 or 7.5/10 or being 5'9 is enough. It's all over, all over. Stay in your fucking basement OR GO ER.
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