[ToxicFemininity] HypocrisyPill & "EroticLabourerPill": "Respect Muh Authority"....



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Jul 8, 2018
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1. Ask individual sex workers how they prefer you describe their jobs. "Erotic laborer” is an umbrella term for a wide variety of sex industry jobs and gigs, but many more people use “sex worker."

2. When I'm talking about my own job, I use the word “prostitute” because it’s less of a mouthful and feels more precise—I have sex for money, so it feels like an easy fit. But! Some people see "prostitute" as a slur. Don't use it to refer to someone as such unless they give you the go-ahead, and when in doubt, use “sex worker."
What's the problem with using the good old fashioned word "Prostitute"?

17. Before you start talking about how great and easy sex work sounds, remember that one-off stories posted online gawking at well-paid "sugar babies" are tabloid fodder and don’t represent most sex workers' realities.
But according to this https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/exkkm7/we-spoke-a-sex-industry-hobbyist-the-worst-kind-of-john
But when a 19-year-old girl with a Grade 10 education, or a foreign student with no work visa (a big source of escorts) can easily take on 10 clients a week at $140 a pop (her cut, the agency gets the rest) – that works out to $1,400 cash a week or say $70,000 a year. Tax free. Thats equal to $100,000 before taxes. Almost nobody makes that kind of cash these days. It's hard to convince a girl to stay away from that.
You're a Liar regarding your so called "Hard time"

21. If a sex worker takes time to explain anything to you about their experiences or sex workers' rights, compensate them.
Pay them for "breathing"?

45. Many of us pay taxes. Some don’t. It’s none of your business either way. Don't ask how we deal with the IRS—or threaten to report a sex worker to it.
I'm sorry but if you want legitimisation than you pay your fucking taxes just like the rest of us.

49. If you have an ongoing relationship with a sex worker, make sure they regularly get their money when they're expecting it.

50. A sex worker isn't "actually really into you" unless they make it clear, in words, that they want a relationship with you as anything beyond a client. Even though we're used to you mistaking this, consider… not doing it!

51. Don't mistake our professionalism for heartlessness.
24. Don't offer the "well-meaning" white feminist idea that "all wives are whores." Black wives have always worked, and white wives are given a higher level of social protection. This rhetoric obscures whorephobia and misogynoir (anti-Black misogyny) more than it shows solidarity.
62. With the rise of financial domming—dominating a client for money—has come a proliferation of relationship experts starting “marry rich—men are trash” conversations on social media. They want to join in and get “sugar” without giving up sugar. If you're cheering people who want men to give them money, are you really anti-whore?
Really fucking confusing & contradictory statement as above.

57. Whenever I read about sexual violence, I see the comment, “If he wanted sex that bad, why didn’t he just hire a hooker?” Don't wish more violence upon us by seeing us as solutions for situations best handled by mental health professionals. Don’t send these people our way.
As for this I take it you don't know that your clients are "Involuntarily Celibate"?

63. Don’t think of us as lazy because you have sex for free. That we don't work hard couldn’t be further from the truth.

64. Stop with the classist myth that sex workers with GoFundMes, CashApp, or wish list links in their social media bios are entitled. If you're tempted to say something, imagine how you'd feel if someone tried to control your paycheck despite any familiarity with your work.

65. Full-time work is traditionally 35 or more hours a week. Sex workers work more or less than this, depending on whether they also have a day job, disability, or children, which many do. Don't try to judge whether we’re working hard enough.
You are having a fucking laugh aren't you? This ain't serious... Surely not...

78. Similar to other beauty industries, performers are discriminated against for their looks, which disadvantages Black people, people of color, and fat people. If you're paying less to people in these identities, work to dismantle your own biases—and pony up.



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(((Vice))) is a joke these days

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