Intro to Incels

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Nov 7, 2017
Introduction to Incels.

What does incel mean?

Incel means involuntary celibate, a person who wants to be in a loving relationship but is unable to find a partner. Incels want to be loved and give love back.

Am I an incel?
If you find yourself in the above situation, you are!

What is inceldom?
Inceldom is the situation of being incel. Inceldom is not a movement and there is nothing political about it.

Are incels virgins?
Not necessarily, but most are.

Can girls be incel?
It's debated. For most the answer seems to be no.

Unattractive people can get girlfriends!
Only a very small minority, which doesn't invalidate the fact there are people who end up alone. Studies have shown the top 20% of attractive males get around 80% of female attention!

What is this forum for?
Talking to others who feel like you, watch movies together, or just relax. No pressure.

Do academics actually think inceldom is a real, valid concern?
Yes, here's a short youtube compilation.
If you're the kind of person that likes reading, here's a list of research papers and articles.
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