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Nov 8, 2017
Want to bitch about your job? Here's the best place to do it. I'll begin.

So recently there have been opportunities to advance within the company I work with, and I've been working with this company for a little over a year...I figured I'd try my hand at going for a supervisor position...or at the very least...a higher paying position where I'd be on a computer all day.

Well...I've tried not once, but 4 times to advance and all of them have ended up with a Stacy getting the position and me getting stuck with all the Chads in the outbound department. 

1st time: Position - Clerk running the systems in the building / Position given to - Daughter of one of the few roasties in my department.
2nd Time: Position - Supervisor in the inbound department / Position given to - Bitch I used to work with in a different department
3rd Time: Position - Supervisor in bulk department / Position given to - Stacy sister of one of my supervisors
4th Time: Position - Supervisor in unit department / Position given to - Stacy dating Chad in Ecommerce.

Planning an exit strategy as we speak...this job isn't for me anymore and I need to get the fuck out.

Anyone else got any stories?