A critque of the black blue and red pill.



Julias dracul romanov the 2 eyed abyss
May 20, 2019
33d 7h 18m
For starters the blue pill the main issue with this pill is the advice is for normies people who aren't fucked in the head i have seen normies getting gfs and other shit really easily.

For the longest time i tried to figure out what was stopping me from getting a gf and in my case i have found my brain structure how i just think is fucked and i noticed this with most dudes here.

It's like you guys think your online persona doesn't give of psychological subtle truths about you that other people can't detect they can you yourself cannot admit to it and i had to have other people tell me i am wierd and off in the head.

A critique of the blue pill i found is it's for mentally stable people who are average.

The red pill is next this is the opposite of the blue pill it is for mentally ill people.

I have noticed when people are preaching this pill they actually are projecting their own insecurities onto others.

Think about it the dark triad bullshit does that work ? maybe if your good looking but to to encourage most people to act like that doesn't steer a persons mental or phyical health any better and if anything it damages other people.

That's my issue with the red 1.

The black 1 is off a separate category it is biological fatalism not determinism determinism merely asserts in a neautral sense our actions are decided at a level without our control however biological fatalism which the black pill concerns it self with is actually about fate and destiny we were destined to be ugly we were always by a slight of hand by mother nature a weak accident a failed abortion.

Know the main problems are the mental issues your sanity starts to decrease bit by bit the idea that you can never change your fate that mother nature itself hates you is kinda of a depression starter.

2nd we get to the issue of free will humans appear to have free will the very fact you can say i have no free will kinda contradicts you not having free will mainly cause you said it in a mechanistic universe we should not have subjective difference or different qualia.

Those are my critisms


Nov 19, 2017
4d 11h 40m
In the world I live in, the blackpill is the only valid truth. All other pills are false and have expired.

This is not related to our blackpill, but sometimes I think that we all live in our own universe. While the blackpill is valid in my universe, the bluepill might be the reality in another parallel universe.

I mean there might be people out there who will get gfs by being nice and stuff. They cannot find the red and the black pill, the world they live in prevents them from finding these.
There might be a world where all women are caring and kind; the nurturing gender. We cannot communicate with these people, and they will never find us. They will also never hear about mgtow, about thots doing cruel, illegal stuff, about hardcore porn. It's out of bounds for them, their matrix will protect them from any blackpill leaks. If they came across the blackpill, it will look false and crazy to them. It isn't valid in their world.

And our matrix protects us from bluepill-world leaks. The bluepill we see is thus a false bluepill, we will never see the bluepill successfully applied, why? Because it's out of bounds, we are living in a blackpill universe.

There should be a bluepill universe. I would go there if I could.


Jun 9, 2018
48d 19h 1m
Not one pixel.