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[Experiment] Diet Cure for Bullmia



high fwhr ogrecel
Nov 24, 2017
Disclaimer:I have no medical certificate and is no authorized by any medical organization to give out diagnosis nor cure. This cure is not medically authorized so I am not responsible for anything that may happen to you.

I've sort of found the cure to bullmia, a horrible binge eating disorder that the eater regrets it later on. It's a desperate solution for short term relief.

You will need the following items for everyday

-prozac (fluroexide) anti depressant pills (proven to reduce craving)
-diet cokes
-six icepops

In this week you will be needing to take the Prozac pill daily, if you're a new user, start with 10mg or 20mg. If you're a veteran user like me when the dose isn't enough, increase it by double.

In the week, your diet will consist of icepops (low calories by themselves) and diet Cokes and coffee.

This diet is ensured to prepare you to eat only liquid food and train you to embrace the feeling of empty stomach, while giving you a upset stomach (coffee and Coke) so any feeling to eat at all is replaced by a feeling of vomitness

Your day should be like that

8AM - eat your 'breakfast', 1x icepops, 1x diet Coke (330ml) and coffee.

In a hour your stomach should be feeling upset.

12PM - eat your icepop as 'lunch', if you're not feeling upset, drink coffee and diet Coke

After your lunch, take the prozac as they usually last up to 8 hours

6PM - eat your 'dinner', again icepop and diet Coke and coffee combo. This is to prevent night craving.

The rest of three icepops can be used as a snack for if you feel hungry or bored. Make sure you don't eat more than 3 or you will have no main dishes.

Repeat this for a week.

You should be feeling like shit now but used to the feeling of empty stomach, that is here where your bullmia is cured, at least for short term.


Beta "male" - "man" let
Sep 28, 2018
I wont do this tbh, prozac is sold with a special paper in my country.


Jun 28, 2019
I cured my eating disorder this way
I had the same as you what straightend my eating disorder immediately was counting calories

Decide if you want to lose or gain or maintain weight(guessing lose), use a calorie calculator like scooby workshop and eat in your caloric limit

For some reason when I did this I felt no need to eat junk, all food just looked like units of energy to me so I took the ones that were the best fuel even if I did eat some junk I would just plug into calories

I never have any cravings for junk now and have 100% discipline in deciding what to eat
You'll find with counting calories you can eat a lot more "healthy" than you thought you could most times I have to force myself to eat more to fit my calories