Discussion New York Times: A 14-year-old femoid sent her nudes to a Chad, and it ended up on Pornhub (Coomers GTFIH)



Dec 3, 2020
2d 22h 50m
I don't feel bad for this whore or any woman at all. The fact that she conciously posed for the picture and sent it means she already knows the sexual implications. Maybe if they looked at the media thats being shoveled into the minds of young foids like WET ASS PUSSY, TIC TOC, TINDER, INSTAGRAM, then maybe foids wouldn't be whores at such a young age.

But no, once again the woman is the victim despite being the person to start all of this. Don't be fooled, they don't give one shit about this foid, its all about removing freedoms

Look at this, spook enough normies and they'll gladly give up their freedoms

View: https://twitter.com/gailfinke/status/1334921265153445890?s=20

Ah yes porn is not freedom of speech so it should be a illegal. Thats a solid argument.

Eating is not freedom of speech, shitting is not freedom of speech, breathing is not freedom of speech, so i guess all those should be illegal too right?
You live up to your username mate. Well put/analyzed in your comments.
Jfl a cumskin trying to illegalize porn in a cumskin country. He will have a better chance bringing slavery back
Nice profile pic dude — great Manga/the 97 anime has a sweet soundtrack to boot.
Literally everyone except the foid are blamed jfl at this clown shit
i guarantee she would still do it again if she saw another chad. 10/10. hypocrites these foids
They want to have their cake and eat it too plain and simple — they want double standards that benefit them. They’re biased, refuse to acknowledge blackpill science evidence/studies since it paints them as the bad guys/highlights their privilege and male oppression, and put up this facade of caring about equality when they don’t — they want to rule and have the best for themselves while men foot the bill and are second class citizens. They won’t admit it, but it’s what they want and their actions demonstrate it obviously.

Take any time at all to browse all the Reddit circlejerk feminist subs that exist (and are endorsed by Reddit lol) and the obvious irrational hamter wheeling circlejerk where they all lie to each other and acknowledge each other’s bullshit is staggering.

Lurkers will think this is ironic for someone on this board to say, but the difference to be blunt is that we’re often objectively correct and they’re usually not. I’ll never understand why lurkers don’t bother to read the blackpill science studies/citations over on incels.wiki. Lotta eye opening proof there in one big wall thanks to y’all high IQ logic-cels.
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Oct 1, 2018
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this is the most popular thread of all the threads I've written on this forum